MNT Reform

by MNT Research GmbH

Open Source DIY Laptop for Hacking, Customization, and Privacy

View all updates Dec 03, 2018

Prototype Unboxing Videos

The most recent MNT Reform prototype was shipped right to Crowd Supply headquarters. Here’s Josh opening the package on camera to share his initial reactions.

This prototype has lots of improvements, including CNC-routed aluminum parts. More information coming soon.

This project is launching soon.

Coming Soon


MNT Research GmbH

MNT creates open source hardware and software like the VA2000 FPGA-based Amiga graphics card and the most prominent project Reform, an open DIY laptop. The Reform team consists of Lukas F. Hartmann (electronics, software design), Ana Beatriz Albertini Dantas (product / industrial design) and Greta Melnik (sleeve design, SMD assembly). We believe that computers and personal electronics should be open, documented, understandable and repairable and respect their owner's rights. Reform is an attempt to push the industry in that direction.

Lukas Hartmann


PCBA Manufacturer

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