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Apr 22, 2020

Shipping Soon!

Crowd Supply has sent all esp32MX-E boards to Mouser for fulfillment. Products will begin shipping very soon, so please ensure that your Crowd Supply account has an up-to-date shipping address. Read the full update.

Apr 07, 2020

Shipping Delays

All items for this campaign were shipped to Crowd Supply in early March. Due to Coronavirus restrictions in the US, there have been some delays in shipping orders out to our backers. We hope to have more information soon about when they will be able to ship. Read the full update.

Mar 04, 2020

The Boards Have Arrived!

We finally received the first batch of esp32MX-E boards. The assembly quality looks extremely good, and everything seems to be working perfectly! Read the full update.

Feb 27, 2020

Manufacturing Progress!

Good news! The first batch of (a couple hundred) esp32MX-E boards were shipped to us yesterday from PCBWay in China. They should arrive here in Australia early next week, assuming customs logistics do not cause too much additional delay. So, if all goes well, we'll be shipping them to Crowd Supply in the US next week! Read the full update.

Feb 14, 2020

Manufacturing Delays

Due to the unfortunate outbreak in China, our PCB assembly house has been forced to extend what we hoped would be a one week closure. They are waiting for the government's permission to re-open. As a result, we are not certain when we will receive the boards that we were expecting by February 7th. We are in communication with the company, however, and will let you know if the situation changes. We are also looking into manufacturing alternatives. Read the full update.

Jan 10, 2020

Manufacturing Update

We've already placed an order for a couple hundred esp32MX-E boards. Unfortunately, manufacturing will be delayed due to Chinese New Year, so we've had to update our estimated ship date to March 1st. This update also includes information about the new baseboards we've been designing! Read the full update.

Dec 31, 2019

Design Improvements & First Production Batch

Since our last update, we have made a few small improvements to the board, had a second batch of prototypes manufactured, and begun our initial production run. We expect these boards to be headed your way before the end of January. Read the full update.

Nov 27, 2019

Our Campaign is Live!

We are finally ready to begin crowdfunding the esp32MX-E, an affordable, high-quality ESP32 board that puts all of the connectivity and power options you need into one carefully-designed, integration-friendly package that will save you time. We're pretty excited, and we hope you are too! Read the full update.

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