Mottweiler Studio

Portland, OR  ·  ·   KurtMottweilerCameras  ·   parrotcam

Mottweiler Studio provides the following services:

  • Custom machine work, parts replacement and repair for your vintage wooden cameras (and some newer models as well)
  • Custom woodwork - cameras, furniture, household accessories, cases for fine objects, send me your idea.
  • Custom metal work - small machine shop capabilities for camera work and anything else that requires making or repairing mechanical parts made of metal and a variety of plastics.
  • Casting and mold making - silicone molds, solid and rot0-cast parts in resins, concrete, plaster and other materials.
  • Composite fabrication - fiber and resin parts from your design.
  • Metal fabrication - steel, aluminum, brass and other materials.
  • CNC fabrication of wood, plastic and non ferrous parts - coming soon!
  • Design and consultation - cameras, lighting, furniture - CAD drawings for conceptual development and part production.
  • Photography - work produced with a variety of my own custom cameras - product, event, fine art photography.
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