Affordable, stackable, open source, 32-channel EEG ADC powered by a Cortex-M7

Mar 11, 2022

Project update 7 of 8

March Update

by Joshua Brewster

Hey everyone, it’s March and we are overdue for another update. We mistakenly kept the shipping dates listed as this past February, but we’re looking at an October fulfillment date, with potentially a few boards trickling out before then. We’re waiting on one part still, the core AD7771 ADC chip, which is slated for a mid-September ship date, and our potential alternative design has been held up for a couple months due to lost mail. The joys of low budget manufacturing!

Never do this stuff unless you have money to burn, which we don’t, but we’re doing it anyway because what’s a little recklessness and living as a pauper when you might blow a hole in the high cost medical tech industry? I can’t say I’d do it any other way, well, except to make sure I get these products into your hands as soon as possible, as that’s the bottom line here. We appreciate everyone’s vocal support and willingness to help us though there’s not much to do while we simply wait.

What’s new otherwise? Well, there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine and we’re definitely wondering what the future will look like for Dmitry as sanctions and economic issues take hold, as their country careens off a cliff from the consequences of their government’s actions in Ukraine. In fact, the reason I took on this project was to help Dmitry in light of these kinds of uncertainties which have been heating up for years if you’ve paid any attention to global geopolitics.

At the very least for him I am dedicated to seeing this through, he has potential investors as well who may help redesign and commercialize the development board, but a lot is held up due to our current lack of boards to send around, and now more uncertainties. Otherwise, I’ve been practicing my software engineering skills and getting further along with a lot of libraries underpinning our Brains@Play work, which will provide a nice free frontend for the FreeEEG32 and many others as we redesign our demos into a real neurofeedback workbench over the coming months. There are js drivers I’ve written which are readily available at, and we have the GPU multithreading utilities (FFT included) at You’ll see I’ve been up to quite a lot if you check out my GitHub profile, so I’ll keep grinding away at code in the interim without our hardware.

All in good time! We appreciate all of your patience and support!

Josh Brewster

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