Affordable, stackable, open source, 32-channel EEG ADC powered by a Cortex-M7

Aug 16, 2021

Project update 5 of 8

We're Funded!

by Joshua Brewster

Special thanks to Crowd Supply and all of you who’ve supported us during our campaign. This has been a great opportunity and we hope to serve you some great stuff in the coming months.

We’ve been covering a lot of ground prepping for distribution of the FreeEEG32, including cleaning up remaining firmware issues and improving our web tools. We’ll be working on turning Brains@Play into a formal neurofeedback app, with the FreeEEG32 as the flagship for using 19 channel devices in our framework, as well as planning out how to build an open QEEG database with the community to cover different application areas. We’re hoping to make this a workbench for experiments and open up the field around more complex brain science tools like these multi-channel devices. We’re working on other multi-modal projects as well, which we’ll announce more in the near future.

Bernard has also packed up 8 of his EEGs and left for Germany, after finishing his optical port upgrades. He’s set to go globe trotting to use these EEGs to help groups improve their TM practices using hard data. The old version of Brains@Play, WebBCI, was already used to show ideal chanting states for one group in India, to objectively improve their group practices. Bernard is hoping to elucidate group coherence activity through the device’s clean, high quality data.

Bernard’s also been working with Pierre Clisson, author of Timeflux, to do hyperscanning with the FreeEEG32. They previously found the FreeEEG32 score 95.5% accuracy on his qualified P300 tests.

Again, we appreciate the support, and we will be using it to keep making progress toward accessible BCIs. Dmitry, Bernard, and I give you our gratitude and we’ll keep you posted on fulfillment.

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