Jul 13, 2017

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Husarion CORE2 Update: Telepresence Robot

The Husarion CORE2 project just added a new pledge level - a complete telepresence robot that you can set up in just minutes. Its firmware is open source and already available.

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Vodafone Backs LimeNET Campaign

Vodafone has just backed the LimeNET project, and with good reason - the LimeNET team has been busy showing off some great LimeNET demos. LimeNET’s steeply discounted campaign pricing ends today!

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Coming Soon: HeartyPatch

HeartyPatch is a single lead ECG “patch” that can very accurately measure ECG, heart rate, R-R intervals, and heart rate variability (HRV).

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In Stock: BES-AFE-1 Analog ECG Front-end

BES-AFE-1 is a fully functional, single-lead electrocardiograph analog front-end module designed for prototyping and integration in user designs. Now in stock.

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In Stock: Best Chess Sets Ever

Three colors, two sizes, one great game - the Best Chess Set Ever is back. Now available with a green, black, or blue board.

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