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Jul 26, 2022

Project update 10 of 12

Eurorack Module & Production Update

by Andy Wilson

Hi folks, hope everyone is keeping well, a quick update on a couple of things…

We now have all the components secured for the production of the PICO DSP development boards and the series production of the boards will happen next month. Following this, the boards will be tested, then our radio testing for CE certification will happen in September. After that, the finished boards will ship to Mouser, Crowd Supply’s distribution partner. So, the good news is that you will receive your boards in October. Here’s a quick image of the PCBs as they are just now before production;

A panel of x5 development boards ready for assembly

The final PICO DSP board (v1.2) has a couple of small changes to the schematics published during the campaign; during beta testing we discovered that the battery voltage monitor wasn’t routed to an ADC pin on the ESP32 chip, so we re-routed this trace and added a solder jumper to allow for optional battery voltage monitoring, if you need it for your project. The other small change was the addition of 2.54 mm pitch ground pins at the line inputs and outputs of the board.

After a long development cycle with 3 iterations of hardware changes and debugging, development work on the Eurorack module is almost complete, and we will be putting the finishing touches to this module over the next 2-3 months in preparation for shipping! Here is a quick WIP video, shot on an Android phone, of a voltage controlled reverb application on the prototype module;

In this video, the module is running this firmware from the project repository, with voltage control of the feedback parameter from the Make Noise Function module.

More on the finished production module in the next update soon…

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