Onion Omega2 Dash

by Onion

An open-source touchscreen & Wi-Fi-connected Linux dev board

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Onion Omega Field Report Contest

For nearly a year-and-a-half now, Crowd Supply has been sending our Onion Omega products all over the world and we’ve seen people using them for all sorts of marvelous things. We would love to be able to share some of those projects with a broader audience by publishing some of your Field Reports.

So, did you use an Omega2 LTE to bring edge computing to an underwater network of fish-observing sensors? Or maybe you used an Omega2 Dash to build a human-machine interface for the world’s first open source smart underpants?* No matter what you did, we’d like to learn more! Use our submission form to send us a description of your project along with any supplemental pictures, video, or other resources. If it’s suitable, we’ll publish it as an update and reward you with a $25 Crowd Supply credit! In addition, all publishable entries received before September 1st will be entered into a random prize drawing for some cool prizes.

*Examples are not actually real. Yet.

  • Grand Prize: Omega2 LTE Global
  • 2nd prize: Omega2 Pro
  • 3rd prize: Expansion Bundle (NFC/RFID, ADC, PWM, Ethernet, Proto)

Use our submission form to submit your report. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

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Product Choices


Omega2 Dash

An Omega2 Dash IoT computer. Perfect for making internet-connected control panels and user interfaces.


Omega2 Dash Essentials Collection

An Omega2 Dash and the Ethernet and ADC Expansions. Build projects that use wireless or wired networking and can communicate with all sorts of devices, digital or analog.


Omega2 Dash Ultimate Collection

An Omega2 Dash and a whole set of Expansions: NFC/RFID Expansion, ADC Expansion, Servo (PWM) Expansion, Ethernet Expansion, Proto Expansion.



Onion is a team of technology enthusiasts, creators, and strivers, looking to make amazing products and even better user experiences. Onion has been in business since 2014, graduating from the TechStars Startup Accelerator in Boston that year. In 2015, we introduced the world to the Onion Omega IoT computer.

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