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A 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connected Linux dev board with GNSS global positioning

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Announcing the Custom 3-in-1 Antenna!

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve been working with an antenna partner to create our own custom 3-in-1 antenna. We’re very happy to announce that all backers who order the 3-in-1 Flex Antenna will be receiving our custom, limited edition Onion version!

The antenna supports Global LTE bands and GNSS frequencies (not just GPS)!

This prototype antenna mislabels both LTE antennas as diversity. The production versions will have the left LTE antenna correctly labelled as "LTE Primary".

Onion LTE & GNSS Antenna Specs:

  • Worldwide 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G support
  • Supported frequency ranges:
    • 698 - 960 / 1427.9 - 1510.9 / 1559 - 1610 / 1695 - 2200 / 2300 - 2700 MHz
  • Global LTE Bands: B1 - B23, B25 - B29, B33 - B42
  • LTE Peak Gains: 3.4 dBi - 5.2 dBi
  • GNSS Frequency Range: 1570 - 1610 MHz
  • GNSS Peak Gain: 0.8 dBi

And, for the curious, here are a few photos of frequency response measurements of the antenna:

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Product Choices


Omega2 LTE

An Omega2 LTE IoT computer to build your own cellular IoT projects with Linux. You'll need an antenna for LTE and GNSS connectivity.


3-in-1 Flex Antenna

An all-in-one starter antenna that's good for use worldwide. The antenna sports two LTE antennas for better indoor reception and a GNSS antenna that's good for use outdoors.


Pro Antenna Kit

Get the best reception for your IoT project with the Pro Antenna Kit. Features two suction-mount LTE antennas, a magnetic mount GNSS antenna, and three SMA to U.FL adapters for easy connection to the Omega2 LTE.


Omega2 LTE Essentials Collection

1x Omega2 LTE, 1x Ethernet Expansion, 1x ADC Expansion, 1x 3-in-1 Flex Antenna


Omega2 LTE Ultimate Collection

1x Omega2 LTE, 1x Ethernet Expansion, 1x OLED Expansion, 1x Servo Expansion, 1x ADC Expansion, 1x NFC Expansion, 1x Proto Expansion, 1x 3-in-1 Flex Antenna, 1x Pro Antenna Kit



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