Onion Tau LiDAR Camera

by Onion

An easy-to-use LiDAR camera that acts like a webcam for real-time 3D depth data

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3D-printed Mount Design Available

by Lazar D

A design for a 3D printed mount for the Tau LiDAR Camera is now available!

With the mount, you can easily attach your Tau Camera to a tripod.

To 3D print your own Tau Camera mount you will need:

  • The Mount STL file from Thingiverse
  • Access to a 3D printer & filament
  • A 1/4-inch-20 UNC hex-shaped nut

We’ve designed the mount to be really easy to use once it’s printed:

  1. To attach the mount to the Tau Camera, pop the mount's pegs into the Tau's four mounting holes
  1. Then slide the nut into the bottom of the mount. The nut will fit very snuggly so there's no need to use glue.
  1. You can now attach the Tau Camera to any standard tripod plate!
  1. There you go! You can now use a tripod to keep your Tau Camera steady in whatever environment you choose!

Let us know what you think of the mount on the Onion Community!

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