Steno Hero

An open-source software game for practicing stenography. Learn to type 200+ words per minute.

Oct 18, 2016

Project update 5 of 5

Shipping & Development Progress

Hello backers!

The physical rewards are in and will begin shipping this week!

If you’re a physical reward backer you’ll get an email with a tracking number once your package is out the door.

Pixelated Hero Cut-Off Date:

Some of you never responded to our email regarding the Pixelated Hero (adding you into the Steno Hero pixelated crowd) digital reward tier. Because we’re in the process of wrapping up the game, we’re setting a cut-off date. If you want us to fulfill that reward and insert you into the Steno Hero crowd, please send us at least a head shot, or a full body shot if you would like us to match your clothing, by no later than October 28, 2016. Please send emails to If we do not receive your photo(s) by the deadline, you will not be inserted into the game.

Steno Hero Progress Update:

We’ve moved Steno Arcade/Steno Hero to the latest version of the open source Godot Engine and are currently working on adding screen reader support. Adding screen reader support has proven to be more complicated and time consuming than originally expected, but we’re making progress and are hoping to have Steno Hero completed by the end of November. If screen reader support isn’t ready by the end of November, we’ll push out an updated build with more playable tracks, and will follow up with another update about the status of the screen reader functionality.

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