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Nov 17, 2017

Campaign is Live

After nearly a year of planning and testing the Pi/104 is finally available to the public. The Pi/104 is a Pi Compute Module carrier built for harsh environments. With a wide input power supply and extended temperature spec it’s built to go anywhere. Perfect for IoT and industrial applications, or just any project that you don’t want to risk going down because of an unexpected temperature change.

The Pi/104 is my answer to the question “How do you use a Raspberry Pi in an industrial environment comfortably?” But it doesn’t end there. It’s perfect for greenhouses, outdoor digital signage, all-weather robots, art installations and can be powered off renewable resources (solar and wind) directly without the need for accessories. I hope people will find all of it’s possibilities as exciting as I do.

Like any Open Source project the success of this one depends on community. So please, support and share and let’s make industrial grade hardware at hobby grade prices.

$515 raised

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Continued success of the project beyond this campaign depends on getting the word out. Donations at this level will go to build surplus units for the purpose of building cool stuff to get people excited about using their Pi Compute in new ways.



One Pi/104 unit shipped to the address of your choice. I will even include paper to forever remind you of what you bought and which pins do what. Pi Compute Module not included.


Two Pi/104

I will put two Pi/104's in a single box and ship them to an address of your choice. Pretty much all of that saved shipping overhead returned to you. You'll also get the handy pinout guide. Pi Compute Module not included.

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