Epi 32U4

An extremely compact, Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 USB Type-C dev board

May 23, 2023

Project update 1 of 9

We Are Go for Launch.

by rallekralle

This product began, last year, as a neat idea: what if there were a tiny Arduino-compatible board that was actually practical to use? It evolved from there… What if it could be used for DIY keyboards? What if it could be soldered directly to another board? Or screw-mounted? What if it had a bunch of extra protective features? What if we designed it to the highest reasonable standards?

Epi 32U4 is the result. It’s an ultra-compact, ATmega32U4-based board with USB Type-C support, 23 usable IOs, and protection against ESD, noise, and overcurrent. It’s made in the EU, and yes, the USB port is durable. I’ve tried to snap it off by hand, and was pleased to find that I couldn’t.

If that sounds interesting to you, we invite you to come have a look at our campaign page!

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