An open source, modular, robotic control system for building 3D printers, CNC routers, and other robotics applications

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Project Backers

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Steven K
Lake Worth, FL

Peter C
Lethbridge, Canada

Alan R

Antony C
Santa Clara, CA

Khaled A
Santa Clara, CA

David C
San Jose, CA

Gautier N
Boussy Saint Antoine, France

Kenneth M
N. Richland Hills, TX

MIkhail D
Seattle, WA

Neil J
Melbourne, FL

Mumbai, India

Mohamed K
Las Vegas, NV

George P
San mateo, CA

Santiago, Chile

David Peter
Montreal, Canada

Evan L
Cupertino, CA

Robert L
Vail, AZ, USA, AZ

Iman H
Göteborg, Sweden

Guy M
Los Gatos, CA

Guillaume G

Jonathan R
College Station, TX

Steven S
Tacoma, WA

Oskar W
San Jose, CA

Thomas H
Atlanta, GA

Juha K
Tampere, Finland

Keith N
Dublin, TX

Jeff Moe
Loveland, CO

Oliver B
Zurich, Switzerland

Ranbir s
Sterling, VA

Christopher P
Jacksonville, FL

William M
Tomball, TX

Larry C
Houston, TX

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