Vinny by Plywerk

A Handcrafted Suite of Record Displays

Mar 25, 2015

Project update 3 of 3

Back to the Drawing Board

We set out to design a gorgeous set of display and storage solutions for vinyl records made from locally sourced restoration juniper. We accomplished this and have had nothing but awesome positive feedback on the look, feel, touch and smell that Vinny exudes.

Alas, despite the interest we received from record stores and media publications, and the support of everyone backing our campaign, we were not successful in raising enough to make our minimum. But we don’t intend to leave you empty-handed! As such we intend to run another Vinny campaign in the coming months. But first, we must go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to make the next campaign successful. Watch this space!

Thanks for all those who backed, shared, cheered-on, and drowned sorrows with us.

Kind regards,

Kjell van Zoen
Co-Founder and CEO, Plywerk

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