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Sep 24, 2020

Project update 1 of 14

Launch Announcement!

by Kanta
Our workshop

Hi everyone, thank you for your interest in STEP400!

I’m very happy to have finally launched this campaign. This is my first crowdfunding project and I had no idea how hard it would be to prepare for it! Anyway, I won’t repeat the basic project specs here, instead I’ll talk about the project’s past and ongoing story.

I’m Kanta, one of the creators of this project. Let me also introduce you to Niimi Taiki, who has been working on the basic firmware structure, the configuration tools, and examples with openFrameworks and Unity. He and I share a workspace and we work together on a lot of projects. I’m not very good at writing, but Taiki is an extremely quiet guy both online and offline, so I’ll be the one posting updates.

I use "we" as the first person in the campaign page and in the documentation, but using "we" makes it hard to know whose words it is you are reading. Since I’m the only one actually writing this text, I’ll be writing in the first person in future posts as "I".

My background is in experimental music and art. In conjunction with this, I have been developing and operating electronic devices on a contract basis for about 15 years. That said, my knowledge of electronics and mechatronics when I first started was limited, so I made a lot of mistakes initially and gradually gained experience. Some of the projects were terrible nightmares because I designed them in a way that, in hindsight, was absolutely unbelievable.

STEP400 has been gradually shaped by my past experiences with painful projects. I hope this board will help reduce pain and difficulties with your projects!

As something to look forward to, my next update will be about stepper motors.

Talk soon!

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