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Sep 02, 2015

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New Pledge Levels with Featured Makers

This just in: on a regular basis, we’ll be putting together very unique ways of showing your support - with pledges straight out of Portland, of course! Each offering will include a lovingly crafted item from a maker. They are a great way to appreciate and experience the unique quality of a Portland-made good.

The pledges will be exclusive and each limited to only one unit available. So if you want to be a part of the maker pledge, jump on it!

First up - Portland Razor Co. Razor ($275):

One-of-a-kind, this beautifully-Portland-made straight razor will come with a custom laser engraving on the handle (a name or short phrase of your choosing) done at the makerspace, ADX. Also comes with a copy of Portland Made and Cartopia.

We’ll release updates as the maker pledge levels come out. We’ve got some amazing makers lined up!

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