Oct 28, 2021

Teardown Session 10: LED blinkenlights wizard Ben Hencke talks Pixelblaze

This week, Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh sits down with Ben Hencke, LED wizard and creator of the much beloved LED controller, Pixelblaze. Pixelblaze is a Wi-Fi-enabled, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment. Ben and Helen discuss wide-ranging topics, from manufacturing and design to live-coding with the Pixelblaze IDE.

You’ll also be treated to a gallery of compelling, weird, beautiful, and definitely shiny LED projects along with an equally dazzling display of live-coding. If blinkenlights are your jam, this is the Teardown Session for you!

Pixelblaze V3 Standard

The Pixelblaze V3 Standard comes with a solderable pin header and screw terminal

$35 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide

Pixelblaze V3 Pico

Due to its tiny size, the Pixelblaze Pico does not come with solderable headers. You don't need them!

$35 $8 US Shipping / By Weight Worldwide
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