HealthyPi Move

An open-source biometric monitor in a watch form factor

May 12, 2024

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Design Improvements & Getting Ready for Launch

by Ashwin W

We’ve been working hard to make sure HealthyPi Move is the best product it can be, and we’re excited to share it with you soon. As we get ready to launch our campaign, we wanted to share some of the improvements we’ve made since publishing our pre-launch page.

Why Are We Making This Product?

Data is the single most valued and traded item in the health industry lately, in part because of the need to train AI models for data-research studies. With the exception of a few open data-sharing platforms such as Physionet, most collected data is locked within proprietary systems where companies can sell it to the highest bidder. We believe that you should own your health data. We don’t collect or sell your data, we don’t have a cloud service on which to store your data, and we don’t have a subscription model through which you and others can access your data. With HealthyPi, you own your data, and you can choose to share it with your health-care provider or with a research study. Or, if you wish to train your own models or carry out your own research studies, you can use our open-source platform to gather data from participants, including yourself.

HealthyPi Move is not a smartwatch. It’s a health-monitoring platform that allows you to collect your own health data so you can keep tabs on your vitals or conduct research. It’s also a platform upon which you can build your own application or service without worrying about third-party restrictions. Equipped with all the sensors you need to monitor your health, it can be a powerful tool for biometric data collection. HealthyPi Move can produce raw, unfiltered data at various sample rates or process data in real-time, on the device, to generate cleaner output.

A Few Last Minute Changes

We’ve made a few major changes to the power management system on HealthyPi Move. We are part of the Nordic Community Hub, and Nordic Semiconductor gave us some advice that led us to replace four discrete components (two voltage regulators, one fuel gauge IC, and one battery charger IC) and some other MOSFETs with a single Power Management IC (PMIC), the Nordic nPM1300. According to our calculations and some limited testing, we expect overall power consumption to be reduced by around 40% relative to our previous design, primarily due to the reduced number of discrete passives and the corresponding reduction in current leakage. Charging is faster now, too, thanks to USB-C Power Delivery (PD), and we have access to accurate fuel-gauge readings. The nPM1300 also simplifies integration with the Zephyr ecosystem, making it possible to control every aspect of the power system through software.

We’re working on other improvements as well, particularly in the sensor subsystem. If they work out as we expect, we will announce them in a subsequent update.

Are there any changes you’d like to see? If so, please let us know! We’re always open to feedback. We look forward to launching this campaign very soon, and we hope you’ll join us in making HealthyPi Move a reality!

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HealthyPi Move is part of Nordic Community Hub

Key Components

nPM1300-QEAA-R · Battery Management PMIC
Central source of power for the project

nRF5340-CLAA-R7 · Bluetooth System-on-Chip
Sole microcontroller supporting BLE communications and sensor data processing

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