Multi-sensor data acquisition, processing, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication in a single, open source board. Sense anything.

Sep 12, 2018

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Crowdfunding Has Begun

Sensything is a product of circumstances, true to its word. Perhaps there is a whole backstory to how our product came to life.

We do a lot of electronics prototyping, especially for medical devices but also for sensors in general. We prototype solutions that needed precise results and cost-effective technology. The challenge then was to bring multiple sensors onto one single, reusable platform that can also be deployed. There was a question on accuracy of the results, functionality and the cost-effectiveness along with compatibility between sensors and boards.

We decided to build a platform for analog and digital sensors along with multiple connectivity options. The output of the analog sensors could be measured by 24-bit ADC for high precision values, while for digital output sensors you simply plug-in the Qwiic-compatible sensors to the board. Just to make it more interesting we added IoT capabilities to transmit and record data.

Once the board was fully developed, we then tested it out, both indoor as well as outdoor, for our own application prototypes. Sensything is an aid to the ever-growing concept of citizen science. Sensything is an answer and perhaps not the end itself.

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