Multi-sensor data acquisition, processing, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth communication in a single, open source board. Sense anything.

Jan 31, 2019

Project update 9 of 10

Review on HackSpace!

Hi everyone! We have some great news! A review on Sensything has been published in the HackSpace magazine (Issue #14, January 2019) . We appreciate their effort in understanding the nuances of the working of Sensything and conveying the message in a constructive manner. The insights the article provides are already being worked on from our end. So we would suggest you to stay tuned for further updates from us on Crowd supply.

Note: Your feedback is inavaluable - we request all current users to send in their thoughts on Sensything to

Additionally, We would like to update you on the progress made:


The Sensything webpage is live now. We are constantly updating the page to ensure that users get all the required information.

You can find the full code on GitHub for:

Coming up: We are currently working on the data-logging feature, you can expect to see it soon, as a section on the webpage.

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