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Apr 29, 2015

Project update 13 of 38

32GB is Back!

We love our backers!

After our last update regarding Intel’s physical 16GB memory maximum for 5th Generation CPUs, we heard from a backer that Intelligent Memory can run 32GB even though the specification states 16GB! This was corroborated by both PCWorld ( < finally-do-it.html> ) and our direct contact at Intelligent Memory this morning. We are back to offering 32GB, and will not change the existing orders down to 16GB.

We are going to receive a handful of sticks of memory to test that these statements are true ourselves.

This and all feedback, support, and help from all our backers is extremely appreciated!

(Note: We will be increasing the price of 32GB of RAM for all future orders because Intelligent Memory’s DDR3 RAM sticks are very expensive! If you already had 32GB of RAM specified, you will not be charged for the increase in cost).

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