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Sep 11, 2015

Weekly Update on Librem rev2 Production 2015-09-11

The Librem 15 fabrication is moving along, we should be expecting units in as early as the week of the 20th:

Note: We have pulled most of the coreboot development time and put it into the very excited testing of our theory on unlocking the Intel Management Engine (ME), which we hope to have some news on within the next week or so.

August 10th – Ship second prototype
August 13th – Receive third prototype (test)
August 17th – “green light” fabrication
August 20th – Todd on-site @ fabrication in Shenzhen
week 1 fabrication
week 2 fabrication
week 3 fabrication
week 4 fabrication
September 20th – Receive hardware for assembly
September 28th – Ship first orders

Known Issues:

  1. Trackpad Driver
    • Current: ps/2 mouse capabilities
    • Future: multitouch
    • ETA: ~October
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Git (soon)
    • 2 devs
  2. Unlocking the ME
    • Current: ~85%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~September
    • Where: BIOS
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Coreboot Blog
    • 2 devs
  3. Coreboot BIOS
    • Current: ~25%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~October
    • Where: BIOS
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Coreboot Blog, Git (soon)
    • 3 devs
  4. Hardware Kill Switches
    • Current: Webcam/Mic & NGFF (Wireless)
    • Future: DONE
    • ETA: September 11
    • Where: Hardware
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • 3 devs
  5. Bluetooth (via daughter card)
    • Current: ~0%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~February 2016
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • Note: This is for a free software kernel driver, not the binary blob
    • 0 devs (If you’re interested in helping we can use it!)

Thank you!

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