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Dec 28, 2015

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Purism Librem Shipping Status

Thank you all for supporting our worthy cause, it is with your support that we can continue to push for positive change with regard to security, privacy, and freedom in the industry. We have been shipping Purism Librem 13 and Purism Librem 15 rev2 units, slowly incrementing through the order queue. Here is how we are doing it, so you know your rough place in line:

Librem 131080pi5-5thHinge Clutch CoverAmerican (US) or British (UK)Shipping Now
Librem 15 rev11080pi7-4thN/AAmerican (US)Shipped June 2015, Sold Out
Librem 15 rev21080pi7-5thHinge Clutch CoverAmerican (US)Shipping now
Librem 15 rev21080pi7-5thCase EdgeAmerican (US)Shipping January 2016
Librem 15 rev2 4k4ki7-5thCase EdgeAmerican (US) or British (UK)Shipping February 2016
Librem 131080pi5-5thHinge Clutch Cover"Other" e.g. German, French, DanishShipping February 2016
Librem 15 rev2 4k4ki7-5thCase Edge"Other" e.g. German, French, DanishShipping March 2016

Librem 13

If you ordered your Librem 13 during the original campaign and your order requested an American (US) or British (UK) keyboard layout, it has either shipped or should ship before the end of January 2016. If you ordered your Librem 13 after the campaign finished and requested an American (US) or British (UK) keyboard layout, it should ship before the end of February 2016.

Librem 13s with a non-US or non-UK keyboard selection should ship by the end of March 2016. Since this is a rather long delay, we will offer to ship you a Librem 13 with US or UK keycaps, and, once we get the keycaps printed for your language selection, ship you the keycaps. The reason for this delay is we are waiting on the keycap supplier quote before we decide how to handle the non-US and non-UK keycaps.

Librem 15 Rev2

When you can expect to receive your Librem 15 rev2 is highly dependent on your laptop’s configuration.

If your Librem 15 rev2 order had a 1080p screen and an American (US) keyboard, it has been bumped to the front of the queue, and most will ship before the end of December with hardware kill switches on the hinge cover.

After we exhaust the stock of 1080p laptops, we move to the second batch of 1080p with American (US) keyboards, but these will have the hardware kill switches on the case’s side. Those will ship in January of 2016.

Next, we will ship the 4k configuration. Unfortunately Samsung has delayed the 4K panel shipments until mid February of 2016. This means that if you ordered a Librem 15 Rev 2 with:

Your order should ship at the end of February or the beginning of March 2016.

Finally, if you ordered a Librem 15 Rev 2 with a non-US or non-UK keyboard, it will be bumped up to a 4k display and should ship by the end of March 2016.

The last thing you should know about is that these dates are not fixed and may have to change again. A lot can happen to speed up or delay the shipments, and most are out of our control. For instance, many of the laptop’s components, like the keyboard, are manufactured in China, and the Chinese New Year starts the first week of February. For those unfamiliar with this celebration, the Chinese New Year in China is similar to August in Europe. Just about everyone has an entire month off and nothing gets done. Thus, from the manufacturing point of view, we lose the entire month of February because all the production lines shut down.

The Chinese New Year is not the only problem we face, but it gives you a small taste of the tremendous challenges pushing our strict beliefs into the manufacturing process. While we never want to see delays, hiccups, or have to triage, these things happen, and we are doing our absolute best to continue to fight for what we believe in. Your support by purchasing a Librem laptop ensures we will have a future where users can have control of their computing.

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