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Interactive Tools & Calculators

As part of Qorvo’s commitment to the engineering community, we are providing a collection of RF design tools to assist engineers. These calculators and tools help engineers design more accurately and faster. The Interactive Tools & Calculators page contains a mixture of web-based tools and downloadable Windows software. The online calculators are usable in pop-up mode for easy desktop access and functionality.

Try out the RF Impedance Matching Calculator for calculating capacitance and inductance of an L-Match network. Are you looking for a simple, user-friendly RF / Microwave matching calculator that easily matches S1P and S2P files? Check out the MatchCalc™ RF Design Calculator.

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Drawing on nearly 30 years of providing industry-leading solutions, Qorvo continues to offer the products that enable the next generation of systems. From GaAs, GaN, SAW, BAW, CMOS, and SiGe, Qorvo has the right technology, the right products, and the right solutions to help you shape and launch your most powerful new ideas for a broad range of mobile, defense, and infrastructure applications.

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