A 100% open source dev board for the EOS S3 low-power MCU with embedded FPGA

Jul 24, 2020

Project update 2 of 5

Open Toolchain Release & New Intro Video

by Brian F

A new version of the SymbiFlow-based QuickLogic FPGA open toolchain has been released. We also have a new introductory video for the EOS S3 chip.

Open Toolchain

Version 1.1.0 of our SymbiFlow-based QuickLogic FPGA toolchain comes with the following major enhancements:

While open source FPGA tools are not new, no programmable logic company has actively supported an open source approach… until now. By embracing open source tools and an open source hardware development kit, QuickLogic is doing its part to foster innovation.

We believe this initiative represents a tipping point in the industry. For more details on how programmable logic vendors can have a positive impact on the open source community and how this approach has the potential to dramatically increase the adoption of programmable logic, check out our recent article, The Tipping Point.

Introduction to the EOS S3 Chip

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