The first affordable, FT8 receiver with an open source RF chip designed and fabricated using open source chip tools

Nov 22, 2022

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ChipIgnite Status and New Maverick Video

by Colby Gilbert

Our Maverick-603-OSC Chip has been submitted to eFabless’ chipIgnite program on the 2211Q shuttle (Sky130 process node), it has also been verified and approved for tapeout. The chips will be made by Skywater Technologies, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

THe chipIgnite program provides design and fabrication of a semi-custom ASIC of your own design within a 10mm2 user area on the chip.

What is the difference between Open MPW and chipIgnite?

According to efabless,

The Open MPW shuttles are sponsored by Google and require that projects are completely open-source. Availability of space on a shuttle is not guaranteed as it depends on how many projects are submitted. ChipIgnite is a commercial version of the same solution that supports private (non-open source) projects and guaranteed reservations on a shuttle.

The tapeout for our chip was originally scheduled for Nov. 14th, but it was pushed to Dec. 5th after community requests. We will continue to keep our backers updated on the progress of our shuttle and any delivery date changes.

The Caravel Harness

The management SoC includes a RISC-V processor, SRAM, and a wishbone bus that extends into the user area for connecting your own peripherals.


(via efabless)

Here is a summary of the 2211Q tapeout:

The Maverick-603 Video

We also wanted to release our latest Maverick-603 video with this update. We hope you enjoy it!

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