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A documentary and DIY kits for the legendary Yugoslavian 80s PC

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Let's Keep Going!

by Mladen D

Our initial goal of $6k was modestly placed, so that at least some funding is secured. Now, thanks to your support and encouragement, it’s clear that this movie will happen.

The more funds we secure the better, so we can hire better actors, and shoot in all planned locations. Your help is still needed! :)

Thanks for making this movie happen, and thank you for your encouragement and support.

About the Author

Mladen D

 Novi Sad, Serbia

$16,053 raised

of $6,000 goal

267% Funded!

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Support Us!

Thanks for helping us make Galaksija documentary a reality!


Support Us More!

Thanks for your help! Your name (or any text you desire) will be put into closing credits of the movie.


Galaksija Kit

Your own Galaksija kit. Modernized, with Gateron switches and a customized enclosure. Includes a power adapter, an AV cable, and all parts needed to get up and running. NOTE: Kit assembly and soldering are required, there are no pre-populated parts. As a bonus, we'll also add your name to the closing credits of the movie.

New Galaksija PCB.


Opening Credits

Thanks for being a partner! You will receive one (1) new Galaksija kit computer and your name in the opening credits.



Thanks for being a partner! You will receive one (1) new Galaksija kit computer, your name in the opening credits, and your name on the IMDB as the movie co-producer.


RCC Productions

Mladen Dinic

Aleksandar Marić

Vukašin Živaljević


Žarko Živanov

Teacher/C programmer

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