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May 24, 2021

Project update 4 of 5

Timeline and Soldering Party!

by Mladen D

Hello, dear supporters! Hope this update finds you well.

While we weren’t the most responsive on the communications front, there has been some substantial progress. This update is a status report, to let you know where the project currently stands.


The first major scene we shot, since we received the funds, was at Senta, where we found Petar, one of thousands of people who assembled the original Galaksija in 1984. Petar wholeheartedly gave us a testimony about his experience and challenges in soldering the do-it-yourself computer. It was a pleasure hearing him recall all the details and stories from that era, especially his recollection of the time he first saw the famous "READY" on the screen.

The second major scene was at the Elementary School "Djordje Natosevic" in Novi Sad, as the first scene with actors. The young actors did a great job playing the role of their parents.


As the parts for the campaign fulfillment (erratically) arrive, Voja Antonic has updated the PCB design for the kits, and will personally oversee the kit soldering process, at the incoming Galaksija Soldering Party (see below). Due to the fact that most of the parts are obsolete, and the delivery lead times have been increased globally, purchasing parts proved to be more difficult than anticipated.

Unfortunately, because of this we must push the delivery date to end of July.

Galaksija Soldering Party - Novi Sad - May 29th

The whole premise of the documentary is that this computer has refused to die, and we intend to prove this, by hosting a soldering party. It will be hosted in Novi Sad, on May 29th, and Voja will be present, to help with EEPROM burning, and to help people solder their own Galaksija.

For more details, please go to the event signup page (in Serbian).

Have a nice day!

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