An intelligent sleep mask with smart alarm that allows you to track your REM cycle and long term sleeping patterns.

Sep 08, 2015

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Successful Funding!

Hello REMzen Supporters,

We did it! Thanks to your generous support we were able not only to meet our goal, but exceed it by over $6,000. THANK YOU! I am excited for this journey and for you to come along with us as we work to change the way the world sleeps.

I am happy to report that the REMzen t-shirts have been printed and many have been delivered to backers who committed to t-shirt pledges. I hope to see some REMzen shirts being worn around town. Help us spread the word by posting pictures of yourselves in your REMzen apparel to our Facebook page and Twitter feed!

Final development of the REMzen sleep mask is progressing smoothly. We are working busily to meet our goal of shipping the masks by the end of October. Final revisions are being made to the mask electronics and the order should be placed with our manufacturer in two weeks or less. In addition, we have been working with an industrial designer to refresh REMzen’s brand and to design the packaging for your REMzen masks.

It means a lot to us that you have entrusted your support in such a young company. We knew that we couldn’t wait through years of development, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars before we shipped a single product. We want everyone to have access to this unique product right now! So, while the product that ships in October may be a bit rough around the edges, please know that we are committed to providing you with all the personal assistance necessary for you to get the most out of your REMzen mask

Best Regards, REMzen Team

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