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Thank You to Backers

Hi, I’m Dennis Goh, part of the project management team of USBNinja. First and foremost, I would like to send a thank you to all the backers for making this project possible, and especially to those who have supported us from Proxmark3 Rev4.0 to USBNinja! Quick shoutout to Carl, Tiburce, and Garrett!

USBNinja is all about a cable gone “bad.” Why did we call it the USBNinja? Well, going through the USB port is the attack vector and it’s discreet like a ninja.

When we say “bad,” we don’t mean entirely bad. The team behind USBNinja hopes it serves not only as a pen-testing tool but also as an educational, fun, and creative tool:

  • Educational - Students can now play with Arduino IDE and test their work on our USBNinja to showcase their ability to think and play. Personally, I don’t have a computer science background and I really enjoy having fun with USBNinja.
  • Fun - Pranks! Imagine going to your office and replaying the rickroll attack on an unsuspecting friend. We always believe in having fun while working hard in our company culture.
  • Creative - USBNinja offers novel ways to interact with computers. It can turn what’s normally a mundane piece of office machinery into something magical. Whether you use it to reveal a secret message to a friend, or turn people’s expectations of human-computer interaction upside down, there are unlimited ways to use USBNinja for creative interactions.

No that the campaign is over, we will be focusing on manufacturing and won’t be selling any more USBNinjas for the time being.

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