Robo HAT MM1

An open source robotics and automation controller for Raspberry Pi.

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Apr 29, 2019

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The Campaign is Live!

The campaign is live!

We have been working up to this point for many months. Revision after revision, change after change, to make sure that the board is ready for all of you out there who are looking to improve and enhance your robotics project.

We set out with a goal of lowering the barriers and costs of creating robotics and automation projects through simplifying the required hardware, making it more affordable and bringing you the best functionality possible. This has been done in consultation with different maker community groups - such as Donkey Car, DIY Robo Car, ArduPilot Community, and many more.

The Robo HAT MM1 is the end result. A Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano compatible HAT that is able to interface with many different sensors and software libraries to give you the best robotics experience for your project. The applications for the Robo HAT MM1 are endless. We have seen so far autonomous cars, drones, robot arms, LED controllers and others… I am sure you have a project you want to add to the list!

We are launching today with a variety of different package levels. You can find all of these on the Campaign Page!

There is an Early Bird pledge that has limited numbers of boards at a discounted rate. Get in quick, as we expect these to be gone fast! Some pledge levels have limited quantities available. You can learn more about these on the campaign page now!

Make sure you get your Robo HAT MM1 today. Share the project with your friends and others. And be prepared to make your next robotics project your best!

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