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Mar 22, 2019

Project update 2 of 6

Prototype Updates

I’m hard at work putting together more content and example code for everyone, but want to take a second to share a couple of minor updates.

First I’ve put together a couple of what should be (fingers crossed) the final prototypes. This update makes some minor layout changes which are almost entirely cosmetic. I’ve made changes to the silkscreen pin labels to make them more readable. There is also a large white silk-screen area for you to write a bit of identifying info onto your LoDev board(s) so you can tell them apart in the field or on a messy workbench.

The other thing I wanted to show off is one of the latest shipment of 5 dBi Antennas with the Ronoth logo pad printed. These are still a reasonable size for most applications and offer a bit more gain over the 2 dBi stub antennas which are included by default.

Stay tuned, next week release the first of a series of videos that walk through programming LoDev via Mbed.

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