PD Micro

by Ryan Ma

Arduino Pro Micro functionality and pinout with 5-20 V power delivery through USB-C

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Campaign Ending Soon + Open Source Design Files and Packet Logging!

by Ma Ho Yuen

We are thrilled to see how far this project has progressed by having your support all the way.

Only a few more days before this campaign comes to an end. If you like it and know someone who may need an Arduino board with USB Type-C power delivery in their design projects, please share this with them.

For those of you who have already backed this project, THANK YOU, and happy developing!

Read on for KiCad design files and packet logging.

KiCad design files

Kicad PCB

We have uploaded all KiCad design files to: https://github.com/ryan-ma/PD_Micro/tree/master/hardware

Raw packet logging


The PD Micro library supports verbose logging now. More information: https://github.com/ryan-ma/PD_Micro#debug-raw-packets

About the Author

Ma Ho Yuen

$14,124 raised

of $2,800 goal

504% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


PD Micro

One PD Micro, one set of pin headers, and one Molex 3.5 mm screw terminal jack


Ryan Ma

Ryan makes open source hardware.

Ma Ho Yuen

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