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Production Progress and New Features

Hello Backers,

Here’s another quick update on the progress of the ProxmarkPro.

First the bad news:

  • Unfortunately we will not be shipping on September 15th. Minor adjustments to the navigation button required a few corrections to the mold. We expect to receive a new set of samples for approval on September 6th. If all goes well, we will begin full production, which will take about 15 days to complete. With this in mind, we are now targeting a ship date of no later than October 15th.

  • Another issue that we noticed during our early testing is that most of the LF Antennas are not getting the 140 mm maximum read distance that we originally stated in our campaign. This is due to variances in tuning capacitor values. We are seeing results closer to 135 mm for most antennas. There is no quick fix for this issue but we feel the variance is acceptable and the LF still performs well.

Now for the good news:

  • All HF and LF Antennas have passed their quality control tests.
  • A large number of ProxmarkPro units have completed quality control testing.
  • We are working to include a few more features in the firmware prior to shipping:
    • Sniff ISO14443A and log transactions to SD Card.
    • Built-in Self Test function. When delivered, your ProxmarkPro will include test results on its SD Card. This lets you know that it was tested and functioned correctly when it left our facility.
  • Additional support for identifying new HF tag types in Unchained mode. We have added Mifare Desfire so far and plan to add iClass before launch.

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Product Choices


ProxmarkPro Kit

Everything you need get started with your NFC and RFID experiments, including a ProxmarkPro main unit with enclosure and 1200 mAh battery, one low-frequency (LF) antenna, one high-frequency (HF) antenna, a bundle of three HF tags, a bundle of three LF tags, one 16 GB microSD card, and a carrying pouch.


ProxMark Pro Dual Band Antenna

The ProxmarkPro Dual Band Antenna includes one High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) inductor along with tuning circuitry matched to the ProxmarkPro. The antenna is comprised of an on-board PCB trace HF antenna and a wound-wire LF antenna. The LF antenna is connected to the PCB via a JST 2-Pin connector to the board. The whole antenna is wrapped in black shrink wrap to keep everything solid in the field.


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