Pidgeon 1

No more restrictions from high level software! Access the lowest level of digital radio transmission with this programmable sub-GHz wireless module.

Mar 23, 2017

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Not sure if Pidgeon 1 is what you’re looking for? Here are some practical applications of Pidgeon 1 around the house:

Do you wonder if Wi-Fi or LoRa is more suitable for your problem?

Narrowband transceivers with 12.5kHz channel spacing concentrates the most energy in the narrowest band compared to Wi-Fi or LoRa. This means Pidgeon 1 will not match speed of Wi-Fi, nor the range of LoRa’s coding gain. However, it will be right in the middle with the best speed-to-range ratio and the least interference to other devices. Joining densely packed node clusters up to few kilometers/miles apart into mesh networks is where Pidgeon 1 shines the most.

Pidgeon 1 was designed to give your network the most balanced flexibility to fit all your real-life needs - reserve your module now.

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