Pidgeon 1

by Samuel Žák

No more restrictions from high level software! Access the lowest level of digital radio transmission with this programmable sub-GHz wireless module.

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Not sure if Pidgeon 1 is what you’re looking for? Here are some practical applications of Pidgeon 1 around the house:

Do you wonder if Wi-Fi or LoRa is more suitable for your problem?

Narrowband transceivers with 12.5kHz channel spacing concentrates the most energy in the narrowest band compared to Wi-Fi or LoRa. This means Pidgeon 1 will not match speed of Wi-Fi, nor the range of LoRa’s coding gain. However, it will be right in the middle with the best speed-to-range ratio and the least interference to other devices. Joining densely packed node clusters up to few kilometers/miles apart into mesh networks is where Pidgeon 1 shines the most.

Pidgeon 1 was designed to give your network the most balanced flexibility to fit all your real-life needs - reserve your module now.

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Apr 15 2017

Product Choices


Support Development of Wireless Electronics

Tossing a coin down the well for good luck? Why not support Pidgeon 1 instead? It might have a similar effect.



Receive one USB stick. You still need an antenna and way to program the device to utilize all available features.



Receive four USB sticks. You still need an antennas and programmer to utilize all available features.


Ready To Code Kit

Kit contains everything you need to get started – two Pidgeons with antennas, STM32F0 discovery kit, plus USB cable and wires for interconnecting programmer with the Pidgeon.


Pidgeon 1 Antenna

Single piece of small stub antenna with male SMA connector. Ships free with any other Pidgeon 1 pledge. Recommended for pledges Single and Quad.


Samuel Žák

Samuel Žák is an applications engineer.

Samuel Žák

Application Engineer

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