Skudo OÜ

Tallinn, Estonia  ·  ·   SkudoTech

Skudo is an European company offering deep-tech cybersecurity and hardware based encryption for high level niche markets (space, critical infrastructure, IoT etc.) We realized that for guaranteeing the highest level of security that these fields require, the hardware encryption is a must, but the commercial hardware encryption solutions available on the market did not match our clients needs. Hence, we decided to build it ourselves. That is how we came to create a featured packed Hardware Security Module (HSM), entirely developed in hardware by using the FPGA technology, which we now make available for the makers community. The founder of Skudo is Stefano Alberico who has a strong passion in security and privacy, electronics and DIY . Prior to founding Skudo he gained international experience in the fields of video surveillance systems, cloud computing and telecommunication (Nokia).

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