Kryptor FPGA

by Skudo OÜ

A one-chip hardware security module (HSM) and MAX10 FPGA dev board


  • Martin T

    Skutec, Czechia

  • Antonio G

    Trento, Italy

  • Paolo M

    Roma, Italy

  • Stefano S

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Bertrix


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    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    Espoo, Finland

  • Vincent M

    Paris, France

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  • HWR0

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    Sunnyvale, CA

  • Kurt Magnus F

    Oslo, Norway

  • Philip S

    Chiswick, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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    Needham, MA

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    Round Rock, TX

  • Roland B

    Bolzano, Italy

  • Seiji E

    Murfreesboro, TN

  • Daniel


  • Alan B

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Mike A

    Miami Beach, FL

  • Jared S

    Tacoma, WA

  • Emre T

    Tallinn, Estonia

  • Sandro L

    Wiesbaden, Germany

  • Werner S

    Hayward, CA

  • Chrissy G

    Angier, NC

  • Alexander M

    Miami, FL

  • Jan H

    Langen, Germany

  • Dalton W

    Aiea, HI

  • Corey S

    Nashville, IN

  • ilya z

    Fort Valley, VA

  • Reiner R

    Munich, Germany

  • John K

    san francisco, CA

  • Crowd Supply

    Portland, OR

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SKUDO Kryptor FPGA Board

One SKUDO Kryptor FPGA board, one voucher for a free Skudo HSM softcore download, one BB-170 Solderless Plug-In Breadboard, and six male/female 10 cm jumper wires.


Two-Pack of SKUDO Kryptor FPGA Boards

Two SKUDO Kryptor FPGA boards, two vouchers for a free Skudo HSM softcore download, two BB-170 Solderless Plug-In Breadboards, and 12 male/female 10 cm jumper wires.


SKUDO Kryptor JTAG adapter

Adapter with pogo pins that connects a USB Blaster to the SKUDO Kryptor FPGA board to reprogram it using its JTAG interface.


USB Blaster

An FPGA programmer that you can use to reprogram Skudo Kryptor through its JTAG interface.


Skudo OÜ

Skudo is an European company offering deep-tech cybersecurity and hardware based encryption for high level niche markets (space, critical infrastructure, IoT etc.) We realized that for guaranteeing the highest level of security that these fields require, the hardware encryption is a must, but the commercial hardware encryption solutions available on the market did not match our clients needs. Hence, we decided to build it ourselves.

Stefano Alberico

Piret Uustal



PCB fabrication & assembly

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