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An open, Arduino-compatible, 3.8-inch e-paper device with plenty of peripherals

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Apr 15, 2024

Project update 7 of 8

Production Ongoing, Shipping Soon!

by David Z

Dear backers,

As we approach the final stages before shipping, we’re excited to share the progress and developments that have been made.

The last few months have been dedicated to sourcing the components, PCBs, and ensuring that our 3D-printed enclosures are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. We have achieved required milestones in the design and fabrication process, including some critical final tuning to both the enclosure and PCB to ensure optimal functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Currently, we are nearing the completion of the PCB assembly process. By the end of this week, we will start the final assembly stage, where the electronics will be carefully integrated into the enclosures. Following the assembly, each Inkplate 4 will be packed into cardboard packaging.

Shipping will be handled by Mouser, who will distribute the Inkplate 4 TEMPERA worldwide to all our backers. We are confident in their expertise and efficiency in logistics to get your units to you promptly and safe, as they have proven to be in the past. Don’t forget to check that your shipping address is up to date.

Thank you all once again for being an integral part of this journey. We look forward to seeing how you will use your new Inkplate 4 TEMPERA!

Soldered team

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