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Jul 08, 2024

Project update 8 of 9

Video Demonstration of Sensor Functionality

by David Z

Greetings hackers and hardware heroes!

We’re hurtling towards the final stretch of our campaign, and before the checkered flag drops, we’ve got one more epic feature we’d like to highlight: a sensor smorgasbord.

That’s right, Inkplate 6 MOTION is packing a full suite of sensors, ready to level up your e-paper projects. We’re talking temperature, humidity, gesture recognition, even orientation detection.

Combine these sensors with our pre-built code libraries and a smattering of additional hardware, and you’ve got a DIY weather station, a digital scale, a motion detector, a light meter, or even a smart-gardening console. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Check out the possibilities in action:

Summer’s in full swing, and the clock’s ticking on this campaign, folks. We’re calling on all enthusiasts and fellow tinkerers to join our quest to bring this cutting-edge e-paper display to life. Get your hands on Inkplate 6 MOTION and unlock a world of creative ways to spend those long, cozy winter evenings to come.

Let’s make e-paper history together!

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