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Dec 09, 2016

Sourcing, Producing and Assembling the Circuit Boards

Hi backers! It’s been a little over a week since the campaign finished, and all the pieces of your kits are on their way to MacroFab for assembly and shipping. Here is the latest status update on the fulfillment phase that we are in right now:

Sourcing: E-paper screens- Ordered and on route to MacroFab. Thank you Pervasive Displays for the quick quote and shipment! Teensys- Ordered and on route to MacroFab. Thank you PJRC and Hobbytronics UK for the quick turnaround as well! Circuit Boards- Production begins this week.

The next step is producing and assembling the circuit boards. I am using MacroFab for these steps as they have the capability to produce, assemble, and ship the boards out from the same building right here in the heartland of the USA! I’ve received my “Gold Master” from MacroFab a few days ago and it works great, so all that’s left to do is to produce the rest of the boards from the same design files.

The next week will be spent working on the library code and finishing integration with Adafruit’s GFX library, which provides a familiar platform for hobbyists while offering a tested solution for professionals. Stay tuned!

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Product Choices


Adapter Board

All new Adapter Board orders will now contain an E-paper Adapter circuit board with soldered pins. Bring Your Own Device, no assembly required!


Screen Pack

Have your own Teensy or other 3.3 V microcontroller? Get this pack! You will receive an E-paper Adapter circuit board with pre-soldered pins and one E-paper Screen.


Full Kit

Starting from scratch? Get the Full Package! Ships with everything you need to start playing with E-paper right away. You will receive an E-paper Adapter circuit board with pre-soldered pins, one E-paper Screen, and a Teensy-LC with pre-soldered pins.

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