E-paper Shield Kit

All you need to start playing with E-paper screens!

Mar 24, 2017

Project update 12 of 13

Remaining Orders Update

Hello Preorder backers!

Thank you for your patience while we wound down from producing our Launch batch and started production of the Preorder batch. Everything went fantastically with the first batch, so we’re anticipating an even tighter turnaround time for this batch.

All the parts to put the kits together are currently en route to MacroFab in Houston, where they will be assembled and shipped directly to you from the factory. The ship date for Preorder backers is currently set for April 20th.

After this time, there will still be a number of kits available for sale on the Crowd Supply site, but not before the Preorder batch is completely fulfilled!

Look for the next update sometime in the next week, where I will update you on the latest progress of the boards as they make their way from circuit board to full kit!

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