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Oct 10, 2017

Zamek Status Update

Hello Zamek followers!

Thank you for signing up for updates about my project. To this point, Zamek has been a labor of love and I’m having a hard time transitioning it to a labor of economics.

Currently, the design and all the electronic parts needed to make Zamek function are ready for production. I love working with MacroFab and I can press the Go button on their site and begin producing circuit boards tomorrow!

The only hold-up for this project currently is its enclosure.

I have always imagined Zamek as something you clip onto your keychain and never worry about again. This meant that being dust-tight and water-tight ( IP68+ ) is a minimum requirement for me. Unfortunately, this also means that I cannot independently prototype and produce a case that meets these specs, as achieving this requirement requires a degree of case design skill that I can’t find or learn myself.

The Zamek project is open-source, and I encourage anyone who has the ability to take this project to the next level to do so. I would love to join a team who can bring this together, or even just consult on the trickier bits of turning this prototype into a shelf-ready product! However, without more people to help out with the project, I’m currently at a standstill.

If you’re as passionate about strong passwords as I am, and you know/work in the plastics industry, I’d love to chat with you! Feel free to reach out to me at

I’m not giving up on this project, and I promise to only reach out to this list again with good news, so hopefully, stay tuned!


This project is launching soon.

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