Customizable, magnetic sunglasses

Dec 28, 2015

Project update 14 of 14

Shipping Update

SnapShades Nation,

As we wind down the Holidays and head into the new year, we wanted to reach out to you, our backers, with what will be the final campaign update. At this point, we are elated to say that over 95% of orders have been fulfilled. The remainder are international orders, and several backers who did not choose which rims and sides they wanted. These orders will be handled and resolved quickly in the new year.

It has been a long road, no one knows that better than we do, and we cannot stress enough how grateful we are to you. For supporting us, for spreading the word, for helping us reach and exceed our goal, for maintaining excitement throughout manufacturing delays and setbacks, and for being patient enough to reach this day. While this may mark the end of the campaign, it does not mark the end of SnapShades. We are excited to see where this goes, and we will always know that it was only made possible because of you.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays


Team SnapShades

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