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Nov 18, 2014

Project update 11 of 14

Update # 12

SnapShades Nation,

It’s been a while. There has been a lot of change happening here at SnapShades HQ, so let me bring y’all up to speed:

The good:

We solved one major technical hurdle. The magnets naturally align themselves to a their central axis; however, the supplier was having issues setting the rim magnets parallel to the male/female mating face. They insisted they could fix this, and have done so.

TL;DR: magnet alignment has been fixed

The ongoing:

See, no bad news! Our hope was that the alignment issue might alleviate our other concerns. While it did help, we still have some other issues. So we went back to the drawing board on the hinge, redesigned it for more engagement, and vetted several alternative manufacturing plans. We settled on our best course of action, and paid our supplier for the tooling updates. They quoted a 30-day lead time, with possibility to pull ahead. So we are very pleased to say that things are still moving forward, and we’re encouraged by the new design changes.

TL;DR: hinge needs fixin’. Design fixed. 30-day lead-time for new tool.

As always, we cannot put in to words how much we appreciate your patience and continued support. You are the reason SnapShades exist, so we want you to feel connected to the process. We keep no

secrets and pull no punches.



Team SnapShades

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