Customizable, magnetic sunglasses

Apr 17, 2014

Project update 5 of 14

Update # 5

Good Morning SnapShades Nation!

As of today we are in the last week, the home stretch. We’re over 75% funded, and that is 100% thanks to our dedicated supporters! This last week is the final push. We are SOOO excited to get you your shades, and bring this product to market. So help us make this last week a HUGE success.

Tell 1 friend about SnapShades, and we’ll be funded in no time. Think about it. They’ll think you’re cool for showing them this awesome new product. You’ll think they’re cool for liking the product you support. And EVERYONE will think both of you are lookin’ cool rocking your new SnapShades. It just makes sense. It’s been a great campaign, let’s finish strong!

Best, Ari & Evan
Team SnapShades

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