SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3

by SparkFun

An open source and expandable dev board powered by a low-power MCU with embedded FPGA


  • Neil C

    Hampton, VA

  • Martina D

    Cloppenburg, Germany

  • Louis G

    Saratoga, CA

  • Stacey R

    Swellendam, South Africa

  • Jonathan B

    Kent, OH

  • Michael D

    Santa Clara, CA

  • Paul R

    Yokohama, Japan

  • owen b

    Hersham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Stefan H

    Fukuoka, Japan

  • Michael B

    Louisville, KY

  • Timothy H

    94065, CA

  • alex v

    San jose, CA

  • Robert D

    Addlestone, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Kenny P


  • Jared S

    Tacoma, WA

  • Yujie Z

    Singapore, Singapore

  • Steve K

    Hicksville, NY

  • Rolf N

    Epe, Netherlands

  • Felicia W

    Birmingham, AL

  • Motohide O

    Yokohama, Japan

  • John K

    Chatham, MA

  • Carlos Humberto P

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Victor M

    Mountain View, CA

  • Jan M

    Praha 7, Czechia

  • Paul W

    Liverpool, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Dennis Y

    Pleasanton, CA

  • Anthony H

    Raleigh, NC

  • Shannon M

    Ithaca, NY

  • Noah D

    Seal Beach, CA

  • Matt F

    Portland, OR

  • James O

    Wildomar, CA

  • Alex M

    New Haven, CT

  • Mehedi S

    San Jose, CA

  • Brandon A

    Hillsboro, OR

  • Greg B

    Austin, TX

  • Eric J

    Grafton, WI

  • Przemyslaw W

    Wroclaw, Poland

  • Pitchaya S

    Bangkok, Thailand

  • Victor J

    Rockville, MD

  • William G

    Hendra, Australia

  • Jon R

    Mallorytown, Canada

  • Erik M

    Redwood City, CA

  • Jonathan T

    Arvada, CO

  • Rodrigue B

    St. John's, Canada

  • Clinton U

    Cupertino, CA

  • Sai Y

    Newark, CA

  • William D

    Mission Viejo, CA

  • Patrick P

    Ventura, CA

  • Justin h

    portland, OR

  • Vince C

  • Robert B

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • SK


  • Leander C

    Heitersheim, Germany

  • Olivier Y

    Burlingame, CA

  • Madison K

    Portland, OR

  • Cody B


  • David C

    Albuquerque, NM

  • Alan B

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Michael G

    Portland, OR

  • Gerry B

    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Teguh H

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Christof U

    Terenure, Ireland

  • Ed S

    Houston, TX

  • Jon M

    Antelope, CA

  • Robert T

    San Francisco, CA

  • Crowd Supply

    Portland, OR

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SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3



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