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Apr 13, 2016

Free Shipping for Early-birds

First off, Harold, Dan, I and the rest of the Sprimo team wish to send a special thank you to all our backers for helping us make Sprimo a reality. We really appreciate your support.

Before we kicked off our campaign, the team and I were looking for a way to provide our earliest supporters with an extra benefit. After much deliberation we think we have found a good one - we have decided to reward our earliest supporters by paying the shipping costs to destinations in the US. This means the new price of the Sprimo early-bird offering will now be $299, until we sell out and reach our limit of early-bird units.

If you already pledged your support and backed our project, we will of course make the new, lower price retroactive. For those who already signed up for the early-bird offering, you will receive an updated order confirmation email reflecting the new price within the next 24 hours.

Thank you again for supporting Sprimo and our campaign.

Ray Combs
Sprimo CEO

$22,203 raised

of $250,000 goal

Campaign Suspended

Apr 28 2016






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