Sprimo Personal Air Purifier

Enjoy instant relief from allergies and pollutants in your personal bubble of fresh, clean air.

Apr 28, 2016

Project update 3 of 4


Harold and I have been watching the progress of the Sprimo campaign very closely, as any founder would. This has been a very exciting as well as educational experience for us. We learned a lot as we have gone through the process of setting up and executing this campaign.

However, given the trajectory of the campaign, we have decided to suspend the campaign and retrench. Harold and I are taking what we’ve learned back to the engineering and design team and will look at making some modifications to the product offerings.

For those of you who have already backed our campaign and bought a Sprimo, your credit cards won’t be charged and, of course, you won’t be getting what you ordered. That said, please stay tuned - we’ll send out updates as we progress.


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