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8-32 channel TI ADS1299 Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition


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Product Choices


HackEEG 8-Channel Basic Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, and an electrode connector.


HackEEG 8-channel Starter Kit

Includes one HackEEG board, a ribbon cable, and a connector board with ten DIN 42-802 touch-proof electrode connectors (eight inputs, one reference, one ground).


HackEEG 8-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes one HackEEG, a ribbon cable, an electrode connector, Arduino Due, ten silver chloride EEG electrodes, two ounces of Ten20 conductive paste, and four ounces of NuPrep prep gel.


HackEEG 32-channel Deluxe Kit

Includes 4 x HackEEG, 4 x ribbon cable, 4 x electrode connector, 1 x Arduino Due, 40 x silver chloride EEG electrode, 4 x two ounces Ten20 conductive paste, 4 x four ounces NuPrep prep gel.



Electronics R&D company specializing in open source hardware and high performance biosignals acquisition equipment; creator of the HackEEG shield successfully launched on Crowd Supply in 2020

Adam Feuer


PCB Fabrication & Assembly

Plastics One Technologies

Components Manufacturing

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